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waex99 aka Philippe BERTRAMO

I was born in Cannes (France) in 1966, I have a degree in IT engineering, works in financial services and have a keen eye for arts and travels.

Over the past years I was lucky enough to live in Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg and now Singapore.

My passion for photography dates back from my early teen years, it seems I have always been surrounded by amateurs and pro photographers. This dates from the age of dark rooms, slides and chemicals. Digital photography revived my passion when I moved to Singapore and I am now happily shooting mostly travel and street subjects in both digital and film (medium format and 35mm).

A few of my picture have been selected for online travel guides and one by the Victoria and Albert museum of London, I made a lot of concert shooting in the last 80's and published some in a small fanzine at the time. I have two travel photography books in preparation and working on this website to organize my work and try to commercialize it.

Nikon D700, Hasselblad 500CM, Leica M4

Contact: foto@waex.com